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Type 2 Diabetes
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DWD is at the heart of helping families manage, control, and prevent type 2 diabetes by providing education, information, tools and resources on an all inclusive science-based platform that is medically backed by renowned type 2 diabetes doctors, dietitians and specialists.

DWD's digital platform relieves our members of the expense and inconvenience of face-to-face consultations. Fitting treatment and lifestyle changes into their lives that fits their schedule greatly increases their success.



DWD is at the heart all things related to type 2 diabetes. From symptoms to rvevention, we have the tools and rescources you'll need reach your goals.

Education is an important aspect of managing any condition. DWD provides the facts about type 2 diabetes such as risk factors, how it is developed, and the science of how T2 diabetes changes your body. With education, we look to clear the air of all misconceptions and lay the groundwork for successful lifestyle change.


Support Community

DWD Protocol focuses on addressing the lifestyle factors which lead to type 2 diabetes - the same factors that ensure it remains a chronic, ongoing disease. With these step-by-step guides, natural nutritional support, and behavioral strategies firmly grounded in psychology, the Lifestyle Blueprint is the perfect recipe for long-term healthy change. The four-module Success Blueprint addresses the most important lifestyle factors for type 2 diabetics. DWD Protocol fosters healthy habits by providing the education and the tools for consistent success. Community support ensures that our users stay on target.

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